Each Life Night begins with a game or activity to break the ice. 


After the game we will have a speaker share about different topics related to our faith, with a different series each month.


After the proclaim we meet in small groups either in person or on zoom and dive deeper into the topic for the night. 


We end our night in prayer and a challenge to put the message of the night into action 


John,10th grade

I love Life Teen because of the awesome friends that I've made and that it gives me great opportunities to get closer to God.

Louis, LT Alum

What I loved the most about Life Teen was that is was a big community. You could meet someone from a different state who was involved in Life Teen and be able to relate. It reminds me of how we are all connected in the body of Christ. 

Katie,12th grade

I love that with every conversation, retreat, Bible study, and Life Night the people of SBLT have become my family.

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Marissa Borah, Youth Minister